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Young, Taut & Nerdy

How does a straight-A student end up doing porn?
Sveera says she was a nerd in school who always got priceless grades. You might think a beauty love that wouldn’t suck and screw on-camera, but think one time more. “You can be smart and lewd at the same time. And nerdy cuties are some of the horniest around. While all the boys were drooling over stuck-up cheerleaders who would not give ’em the time of day, my geeky friends and I were dying to practice our deep-throat skills.”

When did you begin having sex?
“Not until after I graduated college. I would’ve liked to have sex before, but I was awkward. Now I am more assertive in myself. I started getting into my fitness and I saw my body tone up, and that made me urge to be undressed more. Now I’m fulfilling my dream of doing porn.”

Was this the stupendous penis you’ve been with?
“Yes, for sure. I felt him deeper in my cunt than any other Lothario previous to. I never cared about size, but I guess that’s because I’d not at all been with a stupendous jock. Now I know why angels become size queens. Being stretched out love that makes you cum harder!”

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