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“You can’t stop me once I get in front of a camera.”

“My mom’s always telling people that u cant prevent me one time I click here front of a digital camera. That I’ve been like that since I was little,” said Bonnie. But I’m sure this babe did not mean in front of a digital camera doing this. “Well, Mom, I would like to acquire bigger quantity tattoos, but I can’t afford it what with my fees and books and day-to-day living. So I figured I’d pose for NN and acquire the money this way. U can thank my boyfriend if u like; this buck found a pile of NN at a friend’s place, showed them to me and gave me the idea to do this. My boyfriend’s in his senior year at another high-school a not many hours away, and we don’t must watch each other near as often as we’d like to,” told Bonnie. “When we do connect, about all we do is bonk and fuck and copulate some greater quantity. Well, we do have phone sex numerous nights a week, but getting off that way is nowhere near as worthy as the real thing. We the one and the other acceded that we could hook up with a paramour for a night if the needies got also much for us and we’d go the ‘don’t ask, do not tell’ way like the armed forces do. Obviously, that is all I am going to tell u about that. So, who took those pics? Well, my chap did when we met up for a night in a motel, about half-way betwixt our colleges. It was deserted, so I posed in the backyard.”

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