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Yeah, I’ve Got Small Tits…So What?

Yeah, I've Got Petite Scoops...So What?

“We were going out so my stud could take photos of his new truck, but I was on the phone with a ally,” told Phoenix. “He started taking photos, so I flashed my scones and just kept going. We got so lewd that we went to daybed and not ever did acquire the other images. Several weeks later, he got some NN from work. We looked at them, and I decided to send the pictures in so I could acquire plenty of lads jacking over me. Thinking about that’s real gripping.”

“I want I had bigger in size love muffins, but they do not run in my family so I suppose I’m stuck with what I have got,” said Phoenix. “I would by no means get implants…no way, no how. The solely worthwhile thing about my little love muffins is that my nipples are really sensitive to being sucked. I mean, when my buck does it, it feels so admirable that it truly makes my fur pie semen up. This chab sucks them sometimes when we’re having sex, but it still doesn’t aid me to cum. There is lots of talk in NN about ass sex. I haven’t attempted it yet, but I think I will when the time feels right. Furthermore, I have only been rogering for a few months.”

Yeah, I've Got Petite Meatballs...So What?