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Walking & Talking Sex

Walking & Talking Sex

Walking & Talking Sex

If you are a fan of our sister site, then you might recognize Riana.

She’s back, and this babe just lost her virginity! When we 1st discharged Riana, her cherry was still intact. We knew it would merely be a matter of time before anybody got to pop that moist morsel, and we were right. “I lastly had sex soon after I was in the magazine. It was lots of pleasure, and I gotta try something I had been very curious about. I said him to cum on my face! I laughed when it happened, but I really liked it.”

Riana still gets loads on her face, but that babe can’t live out of ’em in her throat, also. “I wanted a stud to cum on my face cuz I saw it in a bawdy magazine and I figured it was average. Then when it happened I liked it ‘coz it made me feel like I was a wicked girl–like I was doing something that worthy gals don’t do. And now I like it when dudes cum in my mouth coz it tastes worthy. And when they cream in my mouth I can indeed tell how big their load is. It can be a lot to drink!”

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