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Vee Cummings – Thick & Slick

Thick & Slick

Thick & Slick

Vee is the kind of angel who takes it to the limit! The speed limitation, that’s. “One time I was driving home from the sex store and my ex was playing with my new sex tool. He put it on my cum-hole while I was driving! It felt so worthwhile, but it was actually hard to stay at the speed restriction. Nice thing I am a nice driver ‘coz we even passed a cop on the way!”

Vee loves one as well as the other pecker and slit. In the June ’12 issue Vee said us about how she is a softball player. Naturally, being around so many undressed beauties in the locker room, something was bound to happen. “I started off fooling around with angels. I love to kiss their velvety lips and cushioned bodies, and tonguing cum-hole is astonishing. But I adore screwing and mouthing cocks, too.”

Vee puts her gazoo to admirable use in our DVD! If you wanna watch the way Vee copulates, check her out in Teen Rectal XXXams (command from “I got my temperature taken in my butt. That was a 1st for me! And apparently I was very hawt! [Laughs]”

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