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Vanessa Staylon – Dick-stracted



We get the feeling you’re not as proper as u look, Vanessa.
“You’re right. I dress adore a wonderful hotty, but I do not act like one. I do my foremost to keep my grades up at the university, but it is rigid with so many hawt boys around. During the lecture all I can think about is sex.”

So how do you adore to action nasty?
“I’m always trying to think of fresh kinky things to try. For a whilst it was not wearing knickers beneath my petticoat and flashing professors or cute fellows in my class. I rode a professor in his office one time during work hours. People knocked on his door, but this charmer was also busy slamming my muff on his ramrod to answer.”

Do u always suit in a schoolgirl uniform? Do u get off on that?
“Not always, but often. I love the look of knee-high socks with a pleated petticoat and white button-down shirt. I suppose I love to trick people into thinking that I’m a good beauty, especially lads that I going to copulate. They think I am a teacher’s pet and a Goody Two-Shoes. But then when we’re alone I let the floozy out and they watch how cock-hungry I truly am. I like the look of surprise on their face.”

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