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Total Knockout

Total Knockout

Total Knockout

What are u doing with boxing gloves on, Lorna? That’s not very ladylike!
“I wish to be pro to kick butt! And I have been wanting to receive into a sport, so I chose boxing. Furthermore, isn’t it sexy to see 2 cuties fighting? U know, once I indeed got into a fight with a gal and we ended up screwing! That babe was my ally, and she came over to my house to confront me ’cause this babe heard I hooked up with her husband. We started screaming at each other, and this babe lunged at me! We were at each other’s mouths, pulling hair, scratching, slapping. And then out of nowhere we started giving a kiss!”

That’s the weirdest make-up sex story we have ever heard, Lorna.
“I know! Even whilst it was happening I just kept thinking, “What the screw?” But I suppose since we were both so heated and feeling so many emotions…it just happened. There had been tons of carnal tension betwixt us in advance of that. And for the record, I did not hook up with her spouse. That was just a rumor. So we started making out, then we the one and the other stopped and looked at every other in adore, disbelief, then kept making out super hot and ripped each other’s sexy clothing off. So you could say we kissed and made up!”

So are u hoping the same thing will happen when u box a FRANK?
“Not truly, but that would be actually hawt! It would probably work better if I was wrestling another gal in jello or mud, though. Maybe I’ll pick a fight to make that one come true!”

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