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Tonisha Mills – Birds of a feather shower together

Birds of a feather shower jointly

Birds of a feather shower together

Tonisha Mills was a hardcore sex star when that babe was paired off with the newly emerged sexy dancer Tawny Peaks. One as well as the other are slight (Tawny at 5′ and Tonisha at 5’2″), although Tawny dwarfed Tonisha in the tit department. Even so, they made for a worthwhile pairing.

In this clip, they chuck their gracious raiment and shower together, getting fast and loose with a hand-held shower head.

I do not know what Tonisha does these days. This babe dropped with out sight in the mid-’90s. One of the superstars of the Bigger than average ’90s, Tawny’s now a housewife and Mother after a successful feature dancing and SCORE mag career. I haven’t seen her since 1998. I discovered her to be one of the quietest and reserved dancers of the SCORE covergirls.

This shower scene is one of numerous videos Tawny and Tonisha made at the SCORE studio in the Great Britain. There is super-rare footage of Tawny, Tonisha and Deena Duos walking around London causing trouble that is posted at SCORELAND. They flashed their bigger in size than typical funbags in the street with the Thames and Greater than standard Ben behind ’em and in general drew crowds of normally unflappable Brits.

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