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Tina – Luscious & Leggy

Luscious & Leggy

Luscious & Leggy

Another fresh face from overseas!
Tina is a Latvian ravisher with rosy cheeks, longs legs and a perky a-hole. The photographer informed us that this was originally not supposed to be a naked shoot, but Tina got comfortable sufficient to let her frisky side out. “The more pics we took, the sexier I felt,” Tina told the photographer. “Taking off my hot raiment just started to feel natural. When I came in to do this discharge I had no idea it would turn out this way. It was better than I expected and I’ve no regrets.”

Tina says she plans to do more glamour modeling.
“I know one more gals who have done modeling and even had sex in pornos, but it was something I not at all considered for myself. But now I understand why anybody would do it. U feel very hot and assured. I cant await to watch the pictures in a mag. I would like to be competent to share them with a partner to turn him on.”

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