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Tiffani: 78 Photos of Tiffani

Tiffani: 78 Pictures of Tiffani

Tiffani, 22, and Jordan, Twenty seven, live in Columbia, Missouri. “I just moved into Jordan’s condo a hardly any months agone,” told Tiffani. “We had (sexually) christened each room and just about every piece of furniture within the first pair of weeks. I think that we’re like a lot of the couples u have banging in NN; we do not just restrict our sex life to the daybed and the bedroom. The NN photographers caught up with the excited pair in their condo and they were mad to receive into action. “We haven’t exchanged everything more than a kiss for five days now,” Tiffani told, “and we’re both real horny. We wanted to have real sexual tension between us when we were doing our thing for the cameras. Did we do priceless, readers?”


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