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The younger half of our only mom-daughter combo

The younger half of our merely mom-daughter combo

U got an introduction to Monica back in our October ’10, all-cougar issue when she posed with her Mamma, Jessica, who is 53. What a mother-daughter combo eh? No, guys…they don’t do three-somes, sorry! Those are the solo fotos that gave us our first glimpses of Monica, previous to that babe did the duet act with her Mother. And who took these fotos? It was Jessica…who else! “If I can still look as sexy when I am Fifty three as my Mamma does, I’ll be real pleased,” told Monica. “She has a great sex life-better than mine some of the time. (Yep we talk about everything, and I mean everything!) My mom’s a cougar, and this babe doesn’t have any bother hooking up with juvenile hawt fellows when she craves some act. That babe always brings a woman chaser home, but our bedrooms are on different sides of the abode so I do not hear sex noises and ram. The lads who have to stay over and weren’t sent home in the midst of the night ‘cuz they sucked in couch are always surprised to see me in the kitchen in the morning in one of my hot, little teddies. My Mommy doesn’t go with a juvenile boys bigger amount than three or four times,” said Monica. “Sure, there have been 3 or four of ‘her’ boys just a not many years old than me-who have asked me out and I have done it; only after checking with my Mother to watch what the boy was like, especially in daybed. After a hardly any dates, I found that none of them were truly my type. Laughable thing: none of them wanted to bonk me at my place, they all wanted to take me home with ’em. I guess they figured my Mama would listen at the door or smth. Yep, a couple of them asked me about a 3some with her.”

The younger half of our merely mom-daughter combo

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