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We join Smiley Emma in a high-rise in Toronto. That babe is looking as greatly hawt as ever. Emma has it all: boobs, buttocks, ravisher and bush. Savour one of Canada’s utmost. The enjoyment is all ours.

XLGirls: So Emma, what is your favorite XL Girls shoot so far, if any, and why?

Emma: To be honest, the complete experience in Prague was outstanding and I’m having a rock hard time picking my much loved discharge! I had a great time shooting with Jan and team. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the finished product and sometimes I still cant believe that it’s me.

XLGirls: Do u go to in nature’s garb resorts? Are u comfortable with public nudity?

Emma: I have not had the opportunity to visit a bare resort or beach but it’s smth that I would adore to do and is on my bucket list.

XLGirls: Have you ever flashed in public?

Emma: I’ve flashed my fiance in a public place before but not with people around as, believe it or not, I can be quite demure at times.

XLGirls: U can flash Toronto right now through the windows. Do u wear T-shirts with boob-type slogans adore “My Eyes Are Up Here”?

Emma: I don’t typically wear shirts with slogans on them unless it is a band shirt. I focus more on showing the breast valley tastefully more than everything else. People looking at my bumpers doesn’t truly bother me as it comes with the territory and I try not to distract them from that.

XLGirls: If you could put a saying or word on a reservoir top, what would it be?

Emma: “Boobnotized.” This word comes up a lot when I am camming.

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