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The Great Kate

The Great Kate

The Great Kate

Twenty-year-old Kate is a brunette vixen with what may be the quintessential fuckable body. Her fun bags are firm, tanned, and her nipples aren’t also large or also diminutive. Her a-hole is flexible and toned. Her lips are chubby, and she’ll wrap them around your larger than average knob on the first date.

“I’m not one of those gals who won’t put out until the third date,” this babe said us. “I by no means understood the point of that. If I am slutty and you are lewd, why wait?”

Kate’s topmost ally is in art school and asked Kate to pose for a project. “Originally it was supposed to be dark-skinned and white nudes, but after we discharged her ram, I suggested that we try some more risque shots. I’m trying to fill my bare modeling portfolio, so it just made sense to do it then. I am not going to lie, it was awkward at first, but we both got more comfortable as time went on. I suppose it turned her on to watch me widening my vagina!”

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