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The Blazing Twin Cannons of Casey James

The Blazing Twin Cannons of Casey James

The Blazing Twin Cannons of Casey James

At 1st, this babe was Jessie James, then Belle Starr and finally Casey James. This darksome brown dancer had a pair of the immense pointer sisters in the exotic dancing club industry. Casey is still active today although her platform has moved from the stage to the livecam. She began in 1994 and her accustomed shoots took place at John Graham’s London studio at a time when the super-sized American beauties were taking over the magazines and the vids as well as the Brit tabloids.

Casey spoken about her background in 2001. By that time, she had sailed on three Boob Cruises in 1997, 1998 and the last trip in 2000.

“I was a total dork in junior high and high school. Somehow I ended up in this rich kids’ school, just ‘coz of where my house was, and it was when Guess jeans 1st came out. I am aging myself, but the school was a bunch of rich Mormon kids, and I could not afford the attractive raiment. I had no desire to fall into that mentality. I had this little V-cut rainbow striped shirt, and I was wearing that with skintight Levis and four-inch hooker shoes in junior high. Likewise Dolly Parton fingernails and big hair cuz it was the large hair ’80s.”

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