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Sophia Gently

Sophia Gently Sophia Gently
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Hello Chaps & Gals! Welcome to Spring World!! We’re mixing it up a bit this week. That is right. We’re shakin’ it up. Well, at least where the cum flies this week. I mean there’s some things that will not change around here. Take Sophia. Remember her? She was the very first hotty on my site! She helped me through an early, early anal scene, and it was then this babe had her 1st smack of Black Cock. The result? She moves from Atlanta to LA, becomes and biggest adult star specializing in Darksome Meat. So I go out there for a taste of the original Ghetto Child, Wesley. What happens? Oh…not much…except I am on the receiving end of an anal sex cream pie that Sophia just now cleans out with her tounge. And u thought things were getting predictable around here. Stupid White Dudes. Tricks are for kids. 😉 Until next week — XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Spring
Sophia Gently Sophia Gently
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