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Show n Tell Motel

4 am at my motel and Im woken by this thump thump thump against the wall…Im like what the hell ?
This is followed by some honey bunny going all “oh yep harder harder copulate me you fucker” and some smooth operator all grunting away…..anyone else might have been offended or voided urine off at being woken, but as I heard ’em go at it my knob began to grow and I knew I had to have a peek.


So I go out side my room and crouch down to look in the window of theirs….This charmer is like absolutely fucking his honey (or some playgirl anyways) and you can watch that the bedspread is all wet from the amount this lascivious, noisy bitch has been spraying. So I observe and pump my meat getting all totally into the flaunt they’re unknowingly putting on when all of a sudden I hear anybody getting willing to leave their room further down. Absolutely bummed cos I havent cum yet I go back in my room and check out the act at and spray my load whilst I hear the boy next door definitely screwing her right.

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