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She Posed For Her Guy’s 30th Birthday

She Posed For Her Guy's 30th Birthday

“I posed for my boyfriend’s birthday…his 30th birthday,” told Alexia. “We’ve been dating for six months and whilst we have looked at plenty of NN?mags jointly at his place, he never told everything about me posing. So my suggesting it to him was a surprise. That man jumped me right away, and, I swear, his penis was greater and harder than I’d ever viewed it and he humped me like insane, so I knew that ladies man loved the idea.”

“I’d identify it subrigid to begin courting younger hot dudes again if my Lothario and I split up,” told Alexia. “The boyz about my age that I was with in the past were selfish and clueless in bed and didn’t seem to care if I was appreciating myself or not. They just wanted to acquire into my cunt, cum and be done with it. Now I’ve identified that having sex can take ages, with lots of teasing, building up to near-cumming and then calming down before building up again; ram like that. So now I’m practically begging to cum the 1st time because I cant take much greater quantity rogering. That is how sex is supposed to be.”

She Posed For Her Guy's 30th Birthday