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She Got Sexed By A Stud

She Got Sexed By A Stud

Kylie, Eighteen, (5’3″, 105 pounds, 32A bras) is a store clerk from Recent Orleans, Louisiana, who fantasized about doing some porn. Her roommate’s husband buys NN regularly, and from looking throughout mags, Kylie saw that that babe could come to Miami and fuck a stud for us. “I got a mini-vacation, the chance to live my dream, and a check. That’s great,” this babe told. “Bran took me out for dinner the night previous to, so we weren’t strangers when we got in front of the cameras. It was no different for me than banging a boy on a first date.”

“I like a boy to take charge during sex, telling me what to do, how to move and all that type of thing, and that is exactly what Bran did,” told Kylie. “As you can see from the fotos, we banged in all sorts of poses, some of ’em recent for me. But I was indeed into it and I had a large agonorgasmos when I was filled with Bran’s big wang. That is by far the mountainous dick I’ve ever had in me…and I completely loved it! I think size does matter. In future, I’ll judge other guy’s jocks against Bran’s.”

“I hope the readers don’t think I’m unconventional or anything, but I really wanted Bran to cum on my face at the end,” Kylie told. “No boy has ever done that to me-well, I’ve been too timid to ask-and I’ve always thought that it is ultra sexy, dirty, sexual…what-ever you wanna call it. I mean, I love feeling a boy cumming in my wet crack with all the twitching and jizzing, but taking Bran’s load on my face was way more fantastic than taking it over my meatballs. I loved the entire experience, but now I must get a new fantasy. I guess that will be banging two dudes at the same time.”

She Got Sexed By A Stud