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Shaggin’ Wagon

Shaggin' Wagon

“My folks gave me their aged minivan to use at college,” said Molly. “It’s not much, but it is my 1st car and at least it’s big sufficient that I can carry tons of my allies around. I was behind the garages at my apartment complex, about to clean some of the junk out of the back, when my husband found me. We hadn’t viewed every other for several days, so I figured that gent was probably horny: I certainly was! So when this chab wanted a photo of me working, I decided to entice him. It worked!”

“I can not imagine that my folks will ever watch the mag, but, then some other time, I’m a believer in Murphy’s Law,” told Molly. “So, yeah, Mama, I did receive stripped and do nasty things for photos and send them to a mag. Yes, I did it in a place where other people might have seen me and, yep, we did christen the back of the minivan when we were done. We put the hatch down for that. I have always been such a valuable goddess, always doing the right things and by no means getting into trouble. Posing for NN is not getting into a predicament, but it sure is doing something that majority girls would not at all do. I loved it!”

Shaggin' Wagon