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Serena – Dimpled Darling

Dimpled Darling

Dimpled Darling

Welcome, Serena!
“Thanks for having me! This is adore my immense dream, showing off for entire strangers. It makes me so soaked. I am constantly thinking about how life would be more breathtaking if I were always undressed.”

So you’re a bit of an exhibitionist! Any specific experiences?
“Not all the time, but on occasion I’ve been nice-looking nasty. There used to be this neighbour across the street who was always staring at my ass when I strided by. I thought that dude was kind of immoral, but that lascivious me a little. One day I was taking a shower and playing with my snatch just for fun. When I came out, still luscious and leaking all over, I saw that the one and the other his window and mine were open and this skirt chaser was just staring at me. We the one and the other just paused and didn’t do everything for a minute. Then I gave him a reveal.”

Wow! What kind of expose?
“Well, I strided into my bedroom and made sure this gent could still see me. I opened my sex drawer and pulled out the giant toy I have. It is a pink rabbit that I bought on my 18th. I sitting on my sofa and widen wide open for him. I saw him fetch out his wang and kick off jacking off, so I pumped my vagina until I came. We only did it once and by no means talked about it again.”

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