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September Scott – Schoolgirl Uniform


What’s up boys? I wore my lustful schoolgirl outfit to class this day. I call it my excited schoolgirl uniform coz the petticoat is a little likewise short and I always wear a top that is way too too tight or way to revealing. I definitely got tons of attention today. I noticed a lot of the bucks around campus checking me out. I’ll admit I love the additional attention, the wicked looks. But I got a little attention, I didn’t await. I was in class, when by accident I had my legs spread out like I was wearing jeans and I caught my professor looking. He must have gotten a admirable observe, but I swear it wasn’t on purpose. However, it definitely turned me on. I’ve had fantasies about him for a whilst. He’s a younger hot man, super cute and smart and I’d wager really precious in couch. In my dream, that charmer bows me over the desk, pushes up my petticoat, rips off my briefs and has his way with me.

Get in to see the wicked fotos of what I did when I came home from class this day. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to finger myself, pleasuring me for the time being.

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