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September Scott – Rubber Ducky


Hey lads, it’s your much loved redhead amateur teen, Septmber NORMAN here anew. Today, I’ve got some episode clips I thought u might savour. Discover out those short clips of me enjoying a priceless, relaxing bath. Well, u know since it’s me I’m doing bigger amount than just relaxing. One of my Lothario friends gave me this rubber ducky. It looks like a usual rubber ducky except this duck is wearing what looks like a leather slavery outfit. And this duck has some other surprise, this chab can’t live with out to vibrate. I like to take him into my baths and play with my ducky. The hot water and vibrating ducky is almost guaranteed to receive me off each time. It’s safe to say I love my bubble washroom’s except my family is always wondering why I’m in the baths for so lengthy. HE-HE.

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