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September Scott – Dirty Dancing


So, I had to go to a wedding this day. Yes, it was definitely a lot greater quantity enjoyment than I thought it would be. 1st of all, it wasn’t even anyone I know getting married. It was a friends of my Mamma. And I GEORGE’t really like dressing up, I suppose the last time I wore a dress was to my prom. I’m bigger amount of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. However, after the enjoyment I had today, I might change my mind. There was all sorts of cute lads there and in my dress I got plenty of looks. I even had plenty of boys coming over to my table to ask me to dance. It was all so romantic, I danced with this one lad during a bunch of slow songs. This charmer held me in his arms and it was great. Then some faster songs came on, and we’ll just say our exotic dancing got a little messy with the way our bodies were rubbing against every other. It was so sexy!

I was getting so concupiscent, but right as it was actually starting to acquire enjoyment the wedding was over. When I got home I decided to not let the evening go wasted. I took my little rabbit fake penis out. >Click this link to watch pictures of me using my sex-toy or view clips of me using the fake penis to satisfy me!

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