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Selena Pink

Selena Pink

“I not at all do things half-heartedly,” said Selena. “Not only might I disappoint, shock and make water off a lot of people if they watch these pics, but I’ve likely doubled the number by posing where I did. See, this pool belongs to one of my professors. Yeah, we’re nonchalant in a relationship with and having sex and yep, I am in his class. There are probably rules about that but I do not care and this chab doesn’t care either ’cause that man is getting my vagina as often as he desires it. He’s in his 30s and single and I’m amorous. And that’s all that matters.”

“I didn’t set out to seduce the lad so I could acquire a larger amount wonderful grade,” told Selena. “I could ace the class if I try unyielding enough. I ran into him in a coffee shop one Saturday and we gotta talking. We were there for, like, an 60 minutes, then we went to eat in a nearby restaurant. He walked me to my car afterward and that might have been it except I moved in to kiss him and grabbed his knob (which was hard) throughout his jeans. This gent solely protested untill I fondelled some larger quantity, then that chap took me to his place and sexed me all night untill we were the one and the other exhausted. Then I was hooked.”

Selena Pink