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SaRenna Lee – SaRenna And Nikki

SaRenna And Nikki

SaRenna And Nikki

Nikki Whoppers, much adored by many fans and striptease aficionados, and now retired, hangs with Miss Lee for this retro-debutante glamour photoshoot photographed in the summer of 1995 at the SCORE studio of John Graham, Britain’s leading producer of mega-breasted photo discharges and videos. For buxotic behavior, it didn’t acquire better than this bumper-to-bumper event. A perfectly-suited couple, SaRenna and Nikki often crossed paths during their individual travels on the strip club circuit in the America. There was a great deal of mutual respect for every other and they enjoyed the brief time they posed jointly in London. Nikki towered over the dunky SaRenna, but big shoes have a enjoyable way of equalizing this kind of situation.

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