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Rita teaches her daughter’s boyfriend a lesson

Rita teaches her daughter’s hubby a lesson

Rita teaches her daughter's partner a lesson

Rita Daniels, who is 66 years mature and wearing a low-cut top that exposes off her gigantic titties and a constricted petticoat that hugs her arse, is getting willing to go out when she hears someone talking in her daughter’s bedroom. She moves closer to the door and hears her daughter’s boyfriend, Bambino, telling someone how this chab drilled Rita’s daughter the night previous to.

“She sucked me worthy,” this ladies man tells his friend on the phone.

Rita is outraged. After all, it’s one thing for her to slut it up all over the place and receive ass-fucked and DP’d by total strangers. It is some other thing for her daughter to do it right there in her house…at night, while Mommy is upstairs dreaming about schlongs. Or maybe screwing the lady-killer this babe picked up the night in advance of.

Rita widens the door and sees Bambino in his underclothes.

“Bambino! What the screw are u doing here?” Rita says. “Where is Liz? Did I truly hear u say u screwed my daughter?”

“No,” Bambino says sheepishly.

Well, yep, that babe did.

“I’m sorry. It isn’t alright. At not time. I think I’m intend to need to educate you a lesson,” Rita says.

That lesson involves sucking his weenie and not letting him cum. Then tying his hands and having him bow over so she can engulf his testicles doggy position and engulf his wang, likewise.

“C’mon, Bambino, copulate my face hole!” she demands.

Next, this babe sits on his knob in advance of finally untying him so this fellow can bonk her doggystyle. Then that babe jacks him off onto her face.

“You drilled my daughter?” Rita asks Bambino. “Why can not you bonk her Mamma?”

No reason at all. And now, there is absolutely no reason to shag the daughter. Stick to the Mother!

Who just happens to be one of the highest GILFs ever. Just sayin’.

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