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Pompadur – Pitching Tents

Pitching Tents

Pitching Tents

Pompadur comes from the frigid north of Canada, but that doesn’t stop her from getting sexy in the outdoors. “I adore fooling around out side but merely when it’s not also cold. My ex and I used to go camping all the time. I loved screwing in the tent. At night, when our campfire would die, we’d start shivering and dive into our two-person sleeping bag. I had just enough room to jerk him and play with my clitoris. I left a fur pie puddle in the tent.”

“My prefered way to screw is kind of strange, but it makes me cum each time. It is called the butterfly position. Basically, it is where I fib on my back at the edge of the couch and the boy stands on the ground. It’s great ‘coz we’re basically on the same level. It’s all about the G-spot.”

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