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Pick-Up Artist

Greetings, cookie pals, it is ARTHUR O’Neal, your standard bearer for usual horndogs. Well, my EFR (earned bonk ratio) is on the rise, thanks, almost any not lengthy ago, to the sweet Brook (28, 5’8″, 128 pounds). I receive the O’Neal-mobile washed every 2 weeks, and three times in a row, Brook and I were the only ones in the customer lounge. Like me, Brook, a restaurant hostess, knows that late in the afternoon, soccer mammas are busy driving their little bastards around, seniors are hitting early bird deals at restaurants and sales reps are indeed working.

Our third get-together in the customer lounge was longer than ordinary as a archetypal LA power cut stranded our cars in the centre of the laundry line. The manager gave us free cokes and donuts to keep us happy, and we settled down to expect it out. We already knew a bit about each other, and this time our talk turned to our jobs. Brook‘s was easily dismissed. “It’s a job and it pays okay, so I am not bitching,” she said. She was intrigued about my two lines of work that enabled me to be out and about in the afternoon. The photographer-side of things peaked her interest, so I went into some detail about my task for NN, solely leaving out the fact that I usually await to end up screwing the hottie for the carnal pleasure of u jacking jokers. But Brook poked for bigger amount details, so I said her everything, including the monetary compensation. That babe squeezed my knee. “I’m in,” she told.

At her request, I went to Brook‘s apartment to discharge her. That babe told me that she had kicked her roommate out after this babe caught her fucking Brook‘s husband in Brook‘s ottoman. (Needless to say, the ladies man was gone from her life, also.) Now, paying the rent by herself was kinda tough, and that’s partially why that babe decided to do her thing with me. But, that babe confessed, she is also a big-time flirt and an exhibitionist. Her slit was juiced up just from dancing and posing, even before I started into the (should be) patented O’Neal foreplay routine. That babe had her 1st agonorgasmos as I fingered her, then had at least three others as we did our thing, despite my coming and going from her bawdy cleft to receive the shots lined up. That babe moaned and groaned and shrieked and tossed on the daybed like we were longtime lovers. It kinda made me feel guilt that we were banging for you guys. We finished up, cleaned up and I went to get dressed. “You don’t acquire to go right away, do u,” Brook asked softly. “I think we could have a whole lot bigger amount fun out of the digi camera.” We sure as hell did!

Pick-Up Artist

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