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Olivia – Sultry Schoolgirl

Seductive Schoolgirl

Sultry Schoolgirl

Young, flexible and ready to cum!
With her large eyes, lengthy and wavy hair and full boobies, Olivia embodies sex appeal. As a Ukrainian studying abroad in the YOU.S., that babe was nearly overwhelmed with the amount of suitors that babe had at the time we shot her. “In Ukraine, I’m just a normal goddess. Here in United States I get asked on dates all the time. I love the attention, but I am a little nervous to date.”

Why are you nervous? You shouldn’t be. You’re outstanding!
“American culture is foreign to me. I donot know if I will have anything in common with the lads who ask me out. I do not know many American vids or musicians. Sometimes they say jokes I do not understand. The gal who is hosting me tells me not to worry about it, and that I do have something in common with them-sex! I have only been with one chap, but I am open to being with more. Now that I’m getting asked out a lot, I am more randy than ever. I touch myself every evening thinking about which one of my guy friends would give me the majority joy in ottoman. I don’t wanna keep fantasizing; I crave to identify out for real!”

Has your host given you more advice?
“Well, this babe asked me if I had a bush, and I didn’t know what this babe meant. Then she explained that that babe meant pubic hair! This babe said me I should shave it all off because Americans most like shaved pussy. So I did it, but I don’t know if I like it. I think I am plan to grow my bush back. To me it’s natural, and a ladies man should still love me as I’m. It is interesting to see what my fur pie has the appearance of hairless, but I miss having my soft hair down there.”

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