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Nikki Anne & Jordin Skye

Nikki Anne & Jordin Skye Nikki Anne & Jordin Skye
Nikki Anne & Jordin Skye @
Nikki Anne had some balls shit talking me while the bimbo was in make-up. We were both up for the same adult modeling job and little Ms. Conceited thought she had it in the bag. I love it when white gals think their shit don’t stink and it was my job to bring her down to earth. After dragging her to the shoot I tore her down with a tongue lashing that only darksome boys really receive. No inch of her white frame would be off restrictions to an angry black lesbian with a point to prove. Pushing her panties in her mouth was just the begin of a long night for Nikki Anne. It was not lengthy in advance of her newly applied lipstick was coming off on my darksome workers and she knew her snatch wasn’t safe from me. After this babe got off it was now my turn in this interracial incident. I had her go as deep as that babe could with her tongue until I felt that babe did a precious enough job. Oh, I ended up getting the in nature’s garb modeling job and that babe hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Nikki Anne & Jordin Skye Nikki Anne & Jordin Skye

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