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NewCummers – SP 145 – Tammy

“I do not make almost certainly of that beauties should need to wait for a bloke to make a move on them,” told Tammy. “Not me! If I’m not go out with someone and I’m feeling sexually excited, I’ll go out and pick up a bloke at a pub or a club and I don’t have any problem telling him that I want to receive laid. If he’s any kind of a hunk, and I haven’t had any in a while, I’ll be quite glad to shag him in the loo at a pub, or outside in an alley or in the back of his car. I’ll do it wherever we can. Sure, it’s great to have comfortable sex in a large bed–there’s a time and place for that–but it shouldn’t be the merely place that u screw. That’s for oldies.”

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