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NewCummers – SP 145 – Kimberly

Kimberly, Twenty and JEROME, 28, a local, lascivious couple from Miami invited our photographers to photograph them during the time that they screwed in Mike’s apartment. They assured us that they did not mean that they were gonna do it on his bed: it would be anywhere other than that. They were ready and envisaging and mad to copulate when our digital camera guys arrived. “We were up all last night rogering,” Kimberly told. “We did it 3 times so that HECTOR would be adept to final. If we’d laid off sex for a week or so like some couples do in advance of they do it for the mag, RONNIE reckons that he’d merely be professional to stand about Thirty seconds of me mouthing his jock, or banging me, before this stud came. Isn’t that right, chick?” LEONARD did not answer her.

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