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NEWCUMMERS (Score Special 163): 80 Photos of Lola Belle

NEWCUMMERS (Score Particular 163): 80 Pics of Lola Belle

“I’m really trying hard at college coz I wanna graduate and I’m not the world’s most worthy first-year student,” said Lola. “So I study a lot and put plenty of time into my assignments. So, as far as my folks are anxious, whenever I talk to them on the phone or text ’em, I am either in the library or doing work in my dorm room. They’ve indeed told me that they’re worried that I don’t have any social time, and I’ll bet u that they think I am still a virgin. I’ve not ever mentioned my boyfriend to them: not ‘coz I am ashamed of him or everything like that, but I wanna keep him in the shadows so I can date him and bonk him with out them fussing about it.”

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