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NEWCUMMERS October 2007 Special 154: 70 Photos of Nyla Knox

NEWCUMMERS October 2007 Peculiar 154: 70 Pics of Nyla Knox

“My grandma lives about 50 miles away. She was away on a cruise, so my Mom asked my hubby to take me over to her abode to watch that everything was okay,” said Nyla. “My Mommy probably wondered why we the one and the other agreed to do it so quickly, but we knew it would give us time alone to have sex. (When you both live at home, you seize whatsoever chances u can to receive sex time.) I’d commented about posing for the magazine coz I need money to buy a streetbike so I can be a rider and not just a passenger–and my job in a convenience store pays shit. So I got to pose and we had sex in the comfort of a house for a change.”

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