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NEWCUMMERS October 2007 Special 154: 65 Photos of Elyse Williams

NEWCUMMERS October 2007 Particular 154: 65 Pix of Elyse Williams

“My partner, Willy, helped me write this big paper for one of my classes at high school and I got an A on it that actually boosted my grades and my GPA (grade point archetypical) for the semester,” told Elyse. “I told him I actually owed him for the help he’d given me and that I would do just about anything this fellow wanted. I thought he’d want anal dance ’cause he’d asked for it a pair of times but I’d said no. But that charmer showed me a Newcummers and told this fellow wanted me to pose and send the pix in so his RANDY could be in a porno mag that goes all over the world. I loved it! And I’ll be ready for a bit of gazoo after I see myself in the magazine.”

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