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NEWCUMMERS June 2007 Special 148: 70 Photos of Adriene

NEWCUMMERS June 2007 Particular 148: 70 Images of Adriene

“I’m gonna be a school teacher after I graduate from high-school, so this is gonna be my last chance to do smth naughty, maybe in my complete life!” Adriene told. “Well, not in my complete life. I know I’ll have to do naughty stuff in private, but I will not be accomplished to do ram like this or else I’ll probably receive fired. I mean, can you imagine some parent seeing me in a messy mag, and meanwhile I am teaching their kid? That wouldn’t go over very well with the school board, I know that. So I decided to do this whilst I had the chance, and I’m indeed happy I did. Posing naked like this indeed turns me on!”


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