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NEWCUMMERS June 2007 Special 148: 60 Photos of Destiny

NEWCUMMERS June 2007 Particular 148: 60 Pics of Destiny

“I had to talk my spouse into doing this,” told Destiny, a 20-year-old high-school pupil from Orlando, Florida. “He was afraid that his fraternity brothers would make joy of him if they saw him having sex with me in Newcummers, so I had to tell him, ‘Make pleasure of u? Kev, you’re plan to be their hero!’ That is all this dude had to hear. Besides, I said him that if this chab did not shag me, I’d identify anybody else to do it. Previous to I knew it, we were driving in his car down to Miami to have the Newcummers photographer take images of us, and you know what? All the way down, this ladies man was on his cell phone with his fraternity allies, saying stuff like, ‘Guess what, dude? I am driving down to Miami to do Destiny for some men’s mag.’ Cool, right?”


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