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NEWCUMMERS August 2007 Special 151: 70 Photos of Samantha steele

NEWCUMMERS August 2007 Special 151: 70 Images of Samantha steele

“My boyfriend, GLENN, loves big love melons. This smooth operator usually buys Voluptuous, the sister mag to Newcummers that shows no thing but cuties with naturally big funbags and not the ones who have the stupendous implants” said Samantha. “He wanted to take pix of me and my funbags so this chab could send them in for the amateur section of that magazine, but I was not into that ’cause the cuties are mostly real models and the pics are taken by accustomed photographers. So MATTHEW got a copy of Newcummers and I assented to pose for him during the time that we were looking through it, ’cause I’m an dilettante glamour model and this guy is definitely an non-professional photographer.”

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