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NEWCUMMERS August 2007 Special 151: 70 Photos of Christina

NEWCUMMERS August 2007 Special 151: 70 Pics of Christina

“My boyfriend’s forever taking pics of me with his camera,” said Christina. “The day these were taken, I walked into his apartment and he took a pair of shots. This gent kept on shooting, so I flashed my arse, then started taking off my garments, figuring that he’d throw the camera down and we’d have sex. (I was truly wanton.) But this gent kept on taking images, so I kept on lap dancing, then I started playing with myself. He took even greater amount fotos, then this fellow finally threw the digi camera down, shucked out of his hot clothing and jumped me. We were one as well as the other super-horny, so it was a completely breathtaking bonk.”

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