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Nekkid for her roomie

Nekkid for her roomie

“My roomie took those photos. We have known each other since pre-school and done all sorts of things together, so I wasn’t demure about spreading my snatch in front of her,” said Nikki. “No, we haven’t been lezzie, but we’ve had sex with boys in the same room and on the same huge couch. Me getting exposed and rude was no thing to her. I don’t have the nerve to be a stripper but this is real close, I think.”

“I do not like quickies and I’ll solely have sex in a couch,” said Nikki. “Fucking should be slow so all the sensations can be really enjoyed. I love to shag a bit then rest, not moving untill we’ve calmed down, then do some bigger amount humping till we rest one time bigger in size quantity, and carry on like that till we’re the one and the other hopeless to cum. That makes my orgasms a lot stronger. Then we rest a while and do it all one bigger amount time.”

Nekkid for her roomie