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Naughty Neighbors May 2007: 60 Photos of Nadia

Wicked Neighbors May 2007: 60 Pictures of Nadia

Nadia, Twenty two, and Jo, Twenty seven, asked to be photographed in their Naples, Florida, apartment. The NN photographers wanted a day without the office, so we assented. “We were sure about wanting to copulate for the cameras for the thrill of it, but I wasn’t sure that I would be any precious doing it in a studio,” said Nadia. Getting off at home–even with the cameras catching everything–was a lot bigger quantity exciting for me. I at not time thought that I’d loosen up sufficient to actually cum, but I was dead not right. I had a large orgasm; just as loud and just as powerful as I usually do. And at the time I would not have given a damn if a hundred total strangers were watching us fuck. As far as I was anxious, my world was just Jo’s weenie banging my cunt and getting me off.”


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