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Naughty Neighbors June 2007: 70 Photos of Sarah Michelle

Nasty Neighbors June 2007: 70 Photos of Sarah Michelle

Sarah, 19, and JOSEPH, 25, drove from Louisiana to the SCORE Studios in Miami to copulate for our cameras. “I was so lascivious that I was just about creaming my jeans the whole day it took us to drive down,” told Sarah. “Then we couldn’t avoid ourselves from sexing it up all night in advance of we went to the SCORE Group offices in the morning. HENRY told that rogering the night previous to was a wonderful thing ’cause then he’d be competent to control himself larger quantity excellent when we were doing it for the cameras. I was a bit worried about him being accomplished to receive it up some other time, but as in a short time as we were naked I felt his rock hard dong rubbing against me and we went for it.”


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