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Naughty Neighbors June 2007: 60 Photos of Kelli

Wicked Neighbors June 2007: 60 Pictures of Kelli

“I can not make almost certainly of that I truly did it–send the pics to NN, I mean. I loved posing for my boyfriend–it was joy, with tons of oral stimulation during it and amazing sex afterwards–but I did not do it with the idea of sending the fotos to a mag,” told Kelli. “I was surprised at how valuable the pix came out–and I think I do look kinda sexy–so I was intrigued when my boyfriend showed me a NN that he’d gotten from a friend. This chab said me I’d be paid if my pics were published, and plenty of lads would get off to ’em. Cash and fame? So I decided, ‘What the hell.'”


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