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Naughty Neighbors December 2007: 70 Photos of Michelle Honeywell

Naughty Neighbors December 2007: 70 Pics of Michelle Honeywell

Michelle, Nineteen, a student from Tampa, Florida, appeared solo in final month’s issue. She has now become part of a fresh trend for beauties who pose for NN; they do their solo thing for the mag and, having enjoyed it way larger amount than they ever thought they would, they make a decision to go all the way and suck and fuck their Lothario for our cameras. Some trends are bad and others are fine. Surely this one is worthwhile? It is always the girl’s decision. Of course, their males will always go along for the…fuck.

“I’m usually the resigned one when we’re having sex,” told Michelle. “I like Jepp to tell me what to do and how how we’re gonna copulate. We one as well as the other like the same things and he’d at no time make me do anything I didn’t wanna do, so that is ok. That skirt chaser likes rogering all sorts of ways, so we’re truly active one time we receive going. Neither of us like wham-bam quickies. We like to take our time and hold off on lastly cumming for as long as we can. (I merely cum one time during sex.) We love all the different sensations we acquire from sluggishly moving during the time that we’re joined.”

“Jepp says that I squeak and squeal a lot when I’m cumming,” said Michelle. “But luckily I usually don’t do it likewise loudly. I by no means remember anything about making any noises coz I’m also busy thrashing around. I can not stay still no matter how subrigid I try. And this chab says that my hole receives indeed moist and my wet crack muscles squeeze his jock so much that they almost pop it right without me. So that buck has to almost fight me to keep his wang inside me for when he cums.”

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