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Naughty Neighbors August 2007: 70 Photos of Riley

Naughty Neighbors August 2007: 70 Fotos of Riley

“Oh, my gosh, I cant make no doubt of that I’m really intend to be in NN,” told Riley. “My hubby, BRIAN, took the pix one day whilst we were sexing it up at my place cuz my folks were without town. We knew about the magazine, but we intended for the images to be just to keep KYLE company in his dorm room at high-school. But watch, my folks have told that they’ll pay half the cost if that charmer desires to come on a Caribbean cruise with us this summer, and I know he’ll at not time be able to afford it. So I figured I’d send in the fotos, and the specie will pay for him to come cruising with me.”

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