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Naughty Neighbors August 2007: 70 Photos of Nadia

Wicked Neighbors August 2007: 70 Images of Nadia

“I may be kinda diminutive, but I have got a big sex drive,” told Nadia. “I’m always looking to get laid, but I am kinda choosy about who I’ll sleep with. I have a thing for mature guys–well, in their 30s and early 40s–because they’re greater amount skilled in couch than guys around my age who don’t seem to be too interested in what I want or need. I like to be dominated. I do not mean hurt or demeaned, I just mean that I like to be told, ‘Suck this,’ ‘Spread your legs,’ ‘Turn over,’ ‘Don’t move,’…that kinda thing. I always have titanic orgasms when I’ve to screw a lad who treats me like that.”

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