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Natasha Nice Natasha Nice
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Natasha Precious and her father were one of my huge success stories. They one as well as the other came into my office ready to kill one another. Mr. Admirable has a problem with his daughter socializing with black men and of course doesn’t approve of her having private relations with ’em. We could have spent years and wasted thousands of dollars on sessions but the solely immediate solution was to have Natasha have intercourse as her father viewed. Yes, my techniques are strange but the smile on Natasha’s face as this babe was having interracial sex told that I did right. Mr. Nice’s painful facial expressions only meant the inevitably him and his daughter would pretty soon reconcile but not until her white pussy was blitzkrieged by dark-skinned 10-Pounder. The icing on the cake was when nearly a foot of dark-skinned man juice rained all over her face as her dad’s soul left his body. They did not just now mend their broken fences but Natasha latterly wrote me a letter thanking me for my aid. For some atypical reason the paper smelled like watermelon and grape soda.
Natasha Nice Natasha Nice
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