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Mya and Loni Love to Rub and Lick Each Other

Mya and Loni turn every other on so much when they are together. They just love giving a kiss and making out and dancing every other down to their bare bodies. They like the sight of each others pert, erect nipps and the sight of this always makes them receive hawt and succulent down under. They have been together for a long time and know what they are doing with every other and how to savour. They also know what type of things they each like to feel, and what they need in dictate to have a mammoth agonorgasmos.

Mya has very sensitive boobs and really can’t live with out it when that babe is having baby oil or some other lubricant fondelled all over her body, and especially her scoops. That babe likes how her zeppelins look all wet and slick afterward and how Loni receives lascivious just looking at ’em.

Loni is completely fixated with Mya’s fur pie and will spend hours pumping it with a sex tool, or rubbing her clit, or even eating her cunt and mouthing and licking on her clitoris to make her feel bigger amount enjoyment and reach large O. Loni always knows when Mya is about to reach big O and that babe dives down on her slit with great speed so that that babe can have her throat over the whole wet crack as Mya comes.

Mya loves this, and is not at all afraid to repay the favour. Mya will finger loni in the slit and a-hole ‘coz this is what Loni always asks her to do. Loni can’t live with out pretending that this babe is being screwed in the booty, when indeed it is just Mya working her particular brand of magic with her fingers. She will be so wet that she can just come and have an wondrous big O whilst Loni bonks her booty with her fingers all night lengthy.

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