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My Return

My Return My Return
My Return @
Honor Guys and Beauties! Yeppy yeppy yeah yep! It is ME! I am BACK! And no, to all the haters out there, this was not a "publicity stunt". I was nutty! I wanted that shower time to be my shower time!! And yea, they finally apologized, and they made me happy, and anyway, I can not have any enjoyment withouth my members in my life! And to prove how cheerful I’m to be back, I take on three fellows for your pleasure. Wesley Pipes you know. He is an mature ally. And then there is Rico Powerful. You chaps met him a not many weeks ago. And today’s fresh lad is Country! Those negroes went to city almost immediately, stretching my taut wet crack loose. TWO schlongs in my twat was batty! And then they stick one up my booty during the time that one’s in my bawdy cleft. Then there is one in my mouth! I am a true THREE input angel! Hee hee. Furthermore, they make a terrible mess all over me. I think I had to shower for love THREE hours to clean it all off. A-N-Yways, I am so cheerful to be back! I’ll be around for a long time, also! Yippee!!! XOXOXO – Spring
My Return My Return
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