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My Neighbor: 80 Photos of Layla

My Neighbor: 80 Photos of Layla

Layla is a 19-year-old motel receptionist from Lebanon, Tennessee. She’s 5’11” for u males who like tall hotties, and she has A-cup milk sacks for you guys who like flatties. And this babe likes to fuck for u lads who like banging chicks. That babe is screwing two boys at the pont of time, and neither of them know it. That babe too tends to bed down with many of the long-distance truckers who pass through city and stay at the hotel where Layla works. “I’ve tried out almost all of the beds in the motel,” Layla said. “Of course, my boss doesn’t know that.” This chab or she might now. “We get plenty of return business,” this babe said. “Of course, if 2 of the same drivers pass throughout at the same time, I don’t know what I’d do.” A trio. What else?

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